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The Unpredicted Page

the unpredicted page

“I run a lifestyle blog where I talk about life advice, healthy living and I throw in a few blogging tips that I have picked up along the way. I have recently started my Gumroad shop where I am selling Pretty Pinterest Templates and Blogger Journals. I love writing and creating content for people to read knowing that it can help them!”

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CCUSA Summer Camp Honest Review: Being a Camp Counselor

What is uni really like: University myths

This Brilliant Day

this brilliant day

“My name is Sophie and I live in the UK. I started This Brilliant Day in September 2018 as a way to get my ideas out to the world. I write about a wide variety of topics including mental and physical health, productivity, recipes and product reviews. My ambition is to share things that I have learned and experienced in my life in the hope that they will be helpful to others. I chose the name This Brilliant Day because it reflects the importance of making the most of every day.”

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10 Thoughtful Ways to ‘Pay It Forward’

The Best Sugar-Free and Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe

14 Unique and Hilarious Zoom Quiz Round Ideas

Goal of Happiness

goal of happiness

“Goal of Happiness is a fitness, health and mental health. I share some personal journey such as my personal battle with anxiety and depression. I want to encourage people to love who they are. There is no need to go on weird diets. Love yourself first then everyone else will love you.”

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Self Care Tips For Winter

Reflecting on 2020

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