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The Unpredicted Page

the unpredicted page

“I run a lifestyle blog where I talk about life advice, healthy living and I throw in a few blogging tips that I have picked up along the way. I have recently started my Gumroad shop where I am selling Pretty Pinterest Templates and Blogger Journals. I love writing and creating content for people to read knowing that it can help them!”

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CCUSA Summer Camp Honest Review: Being a Camp Counselor

What is uni really like: University myths

This Brilliant Day

this brilliant day

“My name is Sophie and I live in the UK. I started This Brilliant Day in September 2018 as a way to get my ideas out to the world. I write about a wide variety of topics including mental and physical health, productivity, recipes and product reviews. My ambition is to share things that I have learned and experienced in my life in the hope that they will be helpful to others. I chose the name This Brilliant Day because it reflects the importance of making the most of every day.”

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10 Thoughtful Ways to ‘Pay It Forward’

The Best Sugar-Free and Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipe

14 Unique and Hilarious Zoom Quiz Round Ideas

How To Overcome Video Call Anxiety

The Courage Map by Franziska Iseli – Book Review

Should I Use My Phone In Bed Before Going To Sleep? The Pros and Cons

Kayleigh Zara

“Hi, I’m Kayleigh I’m in my mid-twenties navigating this thing we call life. I have a passion for writing, and oversharing, hence this little space of mine on the internet. I started this creative space as an outlet for my free time during university, over the years I’ve grown with it, it’s evolved me into the person I am today and I’m so thankful that I started this website.”

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8 Beautiful WordPress Blog Themes You Need To Check Out

Domain Authority: An Ultimate Guide For Bloggers

What You Need To Know As A Blogger

Female Blogpreneur

“Female Blogpreneur is a corner of the internet for bloggers, influencers, writers, and entrepreneurs that was founded by Epifania. After going through a hard time, trying to find information about blogging from different corners of the internet, she decided to create one little corner where bloggers can find all the information they need about blogging and creating online business. Ever since she has been putting out content that is both helpful and practical for female bloggers around the world to be inspired and empowered to create the life they want through sharing their passions and building successful businesses in the process.”

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7 Easy Steps for Successful Blogging in 2021

10 Blogging Trends & Predictions For 2021

How To Create Evergreen Content That Doubles Blog Traffic

Sincere Mommy

Shyla is the owner and creator of the Sincere Mommy blog. She is a stay at home mom and craft/diy blogger with about 3 years of experience. She loves to create new things, share how-to’s, and even whip up recipes from time to time. If you’re wanting to learn something new or try out a new hobby then Sincere Mommy is a great blog to check out!

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Learn How To Color Resin With Lots Of Things

10 Ways You Can Market Your Craft Products To Sell

How To Make Lovely Clay Rings To Sell Online

Goal of Happiness

goal of happiness

“Goal of Happiness is a fitness, health and mental health. I share some personal journey such as my personal battle with anxiety and depression. I want to encourage people to love who they are. There is no need to go on weird diets. Love yourself first then everyone else will love you.”

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Self Care Tips For Winter

Reflecting on 2020

Simple Healthy Habits to Get Into

Inspirational Books You Need To Read

Lynn Mumbing Mejia

Lynn is determined in helping you create the coziest and happiest life! What you’ll find on her blog is DIY, Recipes, Home Decor trends and hacks, Everyday life and relationship posts, and Holiday fun and Gift Ideas.

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Sunshine Sarah

“Sarah is an established content creator trying to make her way in life. You can expect to find posts about lifestyle, eco swaps, veganism and Netflix recommendations. I create content that’s designed to make you feel better about things. I’ve been living in Harrogate, North Yorkshire for 5 years now and have grown to love its many charms. I enjoy walking in the Yorkshire Dales and documenting my travels.”

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5 Easy Eco Swaps for Your Bathroom

AD Simple Vegan Pancakes With Holy Moly Dips!

WUKA Wear Period Pants Update A Year On.

Stacey Blogs

“I’m Stacey the owner of and I started my blog on the eve of my 29th Birthday, with all intentions of playing out the last year of my twenties in style…then Covid hit and we all learnt what was really important. I share posts about life, lessons I’ve learned over the years and my love of books. Writing are my two favourite joys! “

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The best time is now

Trying new things in 2021

How to deal with a difficult decision 

Travelling Salesman

“I’m Ben a 40-year-old man who works in Sales (hey I was novel with the name for the website?!) I work for a big multinational company as Head of Department selling lighting equipment all over Europe, Middle East and Africa to theatres, venues, rental companies.

This blog came about after constant travelling through the UK and abroad staying in some great hotels (and some not so great!). It features unbiased and honest reviews on hotels and other places visited by myself when away on business. It also features other such knock-ons that come with travelling on business like useful technology, my tips and tricks in travel!”

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