Petite Midi Dress Haul (Try on): Summer/Winter Transition

August 30, 2020

Hi guys! Gosh it feels like a while since I have been on here – lockdown means a whole lot of doing nothing. As its coming to the autumn / winter transition, out come the midi dresses. In all honesty, I didn’t think I had so many – here are some of my faves.

Primark Midi Dress

What I find odd is that all my dresses are from different places. I have a growing obsession with covering up – I know how odd. I am someone who is ALWAYS cold, and no longer need to bear all you know? So out go the mini and here comes the midi.

Primark has got the summer/winter transition nailed and many midi dresses are on sale right now! I got this for Β£10 (down for Β£16), a pleated and puffed sleeve dress with white polka dots. What I love about this dress is the collar and short sleeves, which is secured around the neck by a tie string. It has an elasticated waist that can hide bloating, and a skirt which can blow in the wind without accidents. Pair with some boots for a classy and fashionable look.

Primark Midi Dress
Primark Midi Dress

New Look Beach Midi

Although shorter than I thought, I would consider this dress as a midi due to its flowing ability. However, in terms of downsides: the dress is thinner than I would like (even as a beach dress). Also, the tie area does not do up as tightly as it should – especially when you cannot wear a bra. Other than that, this dress is perfect for pairing with some sandals for a late-night stroll down the beach.

New Look Midi Dress
New Look Midi Dress

Femme Luxe Midi

If you have been avidly reading this blog, you would know that this item is gifted by Femme Luxe. A well-loved piece in my wardrobe, this dress is perfect for dressing up and down. I wore this paired with a Zara cardi in Monaco and it was excellent with the intermittent sun and rain. My only issue is with the shoulder strap stitching snapping twice, but nothing a safety pin can’t fix.

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Femme Luxe Midi Dress
Femme Luxe Midi Dress

Mango Navy Midi

When in the store, I was deterred because of the price (Β£20 on one item must be justified); however, I couldn’t leave without it. Although I got this in a size smaller than my actual size, it fits perfectly. The material is such a good quality – almost like a boiler suit type material. The collar and adjustable waist tie really do add a look of elegance to it. Ahhh I’m in love.

Mango Midi Dress
Mango Midi Dress

Topshop Midi

Now I am not afraid to say it – I am not a Topshop fan. I have tried to give it the time of day but quotes and “eccentric” clothing is not my thing. Text, especially on clothing, has always been an issue for me, because I always get bored with what it says. Nonetheless, I saw the words “sale” and gave it a shot. I must say, I really do love this midi dress, the quality is perfect and ideal for keeping me warm. My only issue: (either the material or lockdown related bum growth) the bottom 2 buttons do not securely fasten. I mean its fine because I can wear it like a central slit, but it is just slightly annoying.

Topshop Midi Dress

And there we have it – guess I don’t need to buy any more midi dresses any time soon! Which one is your favourite?

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  • Reply
    September 1, 2020 at 10:53 am

    Lovely pieces. Can’t wait for Autumn xx

    • Reply
      Sophia Patel
      September 2, 2020 at 2:24 pm

      Thanks so much! Me too xx

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