Summer Homeware: Essential Home Improvements While The Sun Is Out

June 25, 2021
summer homeware

Summer is in full swing, and it seems like homeowners have all the time in the world to get everything on their home repairs list done, but before they realize it, the summer months will be behind them, and fall will be here. And that list of repairs they needed to do will have to wait until next year. Buying summer homeware items and upgrading your home shouldn’t be a challenge – here’s how to keep the process easy!

For the average homeowner, summer is the best time to take care of their home repairs, especially if they choose to do these repairs themselves. However, for many of us, life gets in the way, or we discover that we don’t have the know-how to do these repairs ourselves. According to a Forbes article on DIY vs Hiring Professionals, it’s better for homeowners to choose necessary projects than push themselves to do tasks that they may not do correctly or don’t have the expertise to complete.

The article states, “a homeowner who has a basic understanding of how the home’s systems and parts work can more intelligently decide whether a project needs professional help or not. “

And in some cases choosing the right projects to do is just as important as knowing how to do it, so here are 3 home improvements you need to do before summer is over, whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional, is up to you: 

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It’s not a secret that upgrading the garden when it is sunny makes the most sense. Make your life easy for the winter months, because chances are that you do not want to be weeding in the rain. An essential summer homeware item is a hose – keep those plants hydrated! Also perfect for a cheeky dip in the paddling pool when it gets warmer.

Find plants that will keep all year round – and try not to shed too much – otherwise, the clean up will be more effort than it is worth. Once a year, rent out a pressure washer and maintain any pieces of patio you have – to ensure you do not get any damage in the long run.

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Roofing repair 

One of the biggest tasks on this list repairing your roof is a necessity for the following months. Proper roofings will provide insulation for your home, keeping the heat in during the fall and winter seasons and cool during the spring and summer. Roofing companies often stress the importance of roofing repairs and maintenance, stating that it could help extend the life span of your roof, it could also help you save money in the future and improve the value of your home. 

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Cotton Bedsheets

With it being so warm out, make changes to your nightly routine to help with excess sweating. Insert habits that ensure you wear clothing with a higher cottoncount, and make sure your bedding reflects that too. Lighter materials will have you feeling covered, but not swamped in warm, fleecy bedding that will increase your body temp too high and lead to an uncomfortable night.

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Fashionable Fans

Fans are a must in summer – but who says they don’t have to be fashionable? Consider making fans a summer homeware statement, as well as being practical! There is no reason for you to try and hide the fact that it is warm, so try and purchase a fan that can be easily integrated into your room, or a statement so it is the best conversation piece around!

fashionable fan

Bleed Your Radiators

Trust me – in the mdist of winter, you do not want your radiators to not be working. They are a MUST for the winter months. When it is warm, lay down a towel, grab a bucket, and get rid of the excess water in the radiator. Not only can you do this yourself, but this will help with making sure that your home is firing on all cylinders come winter.

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Paint Paint Paint

As much as well all love a winter upgrade, it is so much more efficient to paint in the summer. Summer homeware pieces are not always essential when you have a new lick of paint – it can honestly change everything! The perks of painting in the summer – you have longer daytime hours so you do not need to rush. Painting in natural daylight is so much better than artificial, as you can truly see how the light will hit the paint when it is finished and you are living in it, as well as pointing out patches and missed bits.

Summer also allows for the windows to be open. Paint fumes (especially with gloss and satin finish) can be strong – especially in bedrooms – so opening all the windows in the house will get rid of the fumes quicker. I also recommend having a bucket full of liquid disinfectant (Dettol or Zoflora) and boiling hot water, to absorb the paint fumes and replace them with a lovely, fresh scent.

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Resealing your walkway and driveway 

During the winter, driveways and walkways are heavily impacted by the season and could become a hazard to you and your family. Over time, due to the changing weather, asphalt and concrete begin to change and warp due to cold, heat and corrosion. According to Home Logic, one of the main benefits of driveway and walkway repair is that it “reduces the chance of freeze-thaw damage, ” which could cause “cracks and surface flaking.” This is because water can get between slabs that are concrete and is absorbed by asphalt, causing them to shift and crack. However, with the help of driveway and walkway repair services that use products such as Bitumen paint and concrete sealant, they can repair and protect your walkway and driveway from the changing seasons. 

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Get That Egg Chair

If lockdown has taught us anything, it is that a home should be a retreat and haven from the outside world, as well as a place to relax when you cannot go anywhere. The best part of summer homeware pieces is that you can be eccentric and not have to worry about it! Consider bright, vibrant colours and consider items that give you that holiday trend and style – i.e. the egg chair. A comfy furniture piece that can instantly make a house a home – it’s a winner!

summer homeware - aldi egg chair


Replacing your windows 

Finally, there are many reasons why replacing your windows should be at the top of your property list. Old windows could play a part in your home losing heat, so ensuring that you have them replaced would help keep your home warm during the winter, cool during the summer and help you maintain low energy costs. Window Replacement is also another way of ensuring that your home value increases. 

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Check Your Lightbulbs

This is such a tedious job I know. If any bulbs are on their last legs, make sure to change them before it starts getting darker. You will be able to cope without light in summer – but in winter it may prove quite the challenge. Opt for daylight bulbs for a dim home – and warm lampshades that do not absorb light.

What are your favourite summer homeware items? Do you like home accessories?

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