Brand Focus: Bath & Soaps

2nd year of university is over for me, so time to relax for a while before I enjoy the hectic summer ahead. When Bath & Soaps got in touch to promote their new range of bath bombs and soaps, I couldn’t help but believe it was the perfect sign to encourage some me time. Here’s my thoughts on the gifted products.

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Day Trip in Monte Carlo

Hey all, hope you’re all having a wonderful Easter! With all this lovely weather, I wishing I wasn’t hid away in my room revising for exams, but hey ho, summer is coming. Here’s me reminiscing about my day trip to Monte Carlo, and the top places to visit.

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How to Save Money as a Student!

Hey guys! As a second year university student, it is perfectly normal to have to find innovative ways to spend your money wisely, especially as there is no one to tell you how to spend it. Temptations really can spiral out of control. Here are the methods I use to ensure there is still money in the bank at the end of the month.

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