Why Planning a Holiday Does Not Need to Be Difficult

For anyone that knows me, I am one of organisation, thorough planning and at least 48 hours notice for anything. So when it comes to holidays, a year is required. Living a little is essential for a happy life it seems – having money in the bank just becomes a number after a while. Here’s why a break away should not cause a world of stress.

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Christmas Present Wishlist ’18

Hey guys, its that time of year again, and now Bonfire night is all done with it is the countdown to Christmas. I feel like it is a tradition on my blog to make a wish list of my dream items in the hopes I get them. I’m joking of course, just because I make a wish list does NOT mean that I expect them one bit. As cliché as it sounds, Christmas to me is about being surrounded by the ones you love, even though presents are nice, I do not expect anything. Anyway, lets get to it!

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Trends for Autumn ’18

Hey guys! To me, there is nothing better than wrapping up warm after a long day with a hot water bottle and blankets while watching some trashy tv. That is when you know Autumn is here (or you have the flu). Although it is cold outside, you can still stay in touch with the latest Autumn trends and what’s hot right now. Here are the top looks on the catwalk this year.

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Picking The Right University

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Maybe I was underestimating how difficult this was. Or maybe I had my heart set on one university that ticked every box, but then eventually realised that was not the case, because there are so many factors to consider. After 4 months of panicking, worrying and a smidge of excitement, I have decided my top 3 universities. Here’s how I did it:

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