Zoflora Hacks Part 2

Nowadays, the search for wonder cleaning products is on the rise – one that saves time and does not leave your home smelling of bleach. For anyone that hasn’t heard of Zoflora it is a liquid disinfectant, killing 99.9% of bacteria and removing smells at the source – with an amazing variety of scents. As you guys loved my Ways To Use Zoflora   post, here are some more ways you can use this wonder product!

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10 Ways to Organise your Life

Hey guys! I don’t know about you, but most the time I am a little bundle of stress. I become overwhelmed with the daily challenges of cooking, cleaning, studying, blogging etc, which leave me feeling down and unproductive at the end of the day. Recently I have been trying new methods to combatting this stress, which in turn has resulted in a happier, healthier me. This is what I recommend to start with organising your life.

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Coconut and Lime Body Sugar Scrub

Hey everyone, I’m Zofia from ZF Beauty Blog and I’m here to guest post for Sophia. We first chatted with each other on a blogging Facebook group and when she asked if I would like to guest blog for her I was so excited. She is also doing a post for my blog so make sure to check that out!

This post is on a DIY coconut and lime sugar scrub which I have been dying to try out for a while now and it did not disappoint.

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