Why its good to take a break from blogging

Hey guys, think its time to have a little chatty post, its been a while. When things get hectic and there is so much to do, blogging can be the last thing on your mind. Here is why I think that it is sometimes good to take a break.

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#Anxieteaandme : My Story

Hey guys! This post has been the most difficult I have ever written, as it is so personal. However, mental health affects so many people, including myself. Sharing my story therefore, is a reminder that there can be a positive ending and that help is always available. This post is in collaboration with Mombie Diaries who has started a campaign called #anxieteaandme, where she encourages everyone to share their stories, or to support one another through a friendly gathering, or simply a cup of tea. Mental health should not be a taboo subject, which is why I am sharing my story.

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