Why Planning a Holiday Does Not Need to Be Difficult

For anyone that knows me, I am one of organisation, thorough planning and at least 48 hours notice for anything. So when it comes to holidays, a year is required. Living a little is essential for a happy life it seems – having money in the bank just becomes a number after a while. Here’s why a break away should not cause a world of stress.

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Things to do in Nice

With 300 days of sun each year, it is no surprise why the French Riviera is a hot spot among many people each year. I had the opportunity to visit Nice last week – here are some of the places which are a must see.

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Makeup Wishlist

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Hey guys! Now as spring is at its peak (happy 1st May by the way) and summer is approaching, I am putting all my ideas together to make a list of items I want to buy. Makeups always a good place to start to. It would be muchly appreciated if you could comment below with your opinion of these products, and items that you are planning to buy within the next few months. So let’s get started!

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