My Biggest Haul Yet!

Hi guys! You know when you buy a couple of items at a time, with no idea how much you have bought or spent until you actually sit down and put it all together? Well that has happened to me this month – but I have the benefit of making a haul out of it!

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Why Planning a Holiday Does Not Need to Be Difficult

For anyone that knows me, I am one of organisation, thorough planning and at least 48 hours notice for anything. So when it comes to holidays, a year is required. Living a little is essential for a happy life it seems – having money in the bank just becomes a number after a while. Here’s why a break away should not cause a world of stress.

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30 Summer Blog Post Ideas

Although summer may be coming to an end (tear rolling my cheek), it is always nice to look back and see all the amazing things you have done. If you are anything like me, it is also difficult to always come up with innovative ways to create great content for your readers. That’s why I have compiled a list of ideas to aid in remembering this mind- blowing heatwave!

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University Q & A

Hey all! I am officially halfway through my first year of university! For those who have just started the application process, it can be a daunting few weeks waiting for approvals to arrive – believe me I was in that exact position a year ago. To ease those nerves I thought to answer some of the questions that may not have been considered, but to make the transition to university as easy as possible.

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Trends To Look Out For This Summer

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Hey! Summer is approaching everyone! I say that but I live in England, so the reality will more likely be 2 BBQ opportunities within 12 weeks and the rest torrential rain – not even kidding. However, the sun allows us to experiment and not have to wear 35 layers under our jacket. So here are the trends that are coming our way in the coming months.

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