Making Pizzas?!

Hey! I haven’t made pizzas since I was a kid, so its about time – well now I actually have an idea of how to make them. The beauty of pizzas is that it is very difficult to get them completely wrong, perfect for a amateur chef like me. Here’s what I did:

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Brand Focus: Cari’s Closet

Hi guys! In the midst of winter, there is nothing better than crawling up into bed with a hot drink and watching a cheesy film. But for those days when you have to go out, I love to do it in style. I was so happy when Cari’s Closet got in touch, wanting me to review one of their products, as when I was scrolling through their website I loved this jacket. Here are my thoughts.

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4 Years Blogging?

Wow wow wow. I never thought that 4 years ago that blogging would be such a huge part of my life, yet here we are. It is fair to say that over that period of time, I have experienced every emotion possible: Am I as good as everyone else? Should my stats be higher than they are? Could I do more? Overall, I am in a happy place, my content is better, I am putting less pressure on myself, and I am still enjoying blogging. Here’s my last year in review.

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