The Truth About Blogging: 80% of Blogs Fail By Relying on These Myths!

April 8, 2021

Blogging has become so popular and is becoming more popular as time goes by but there are some myths about blogging that could mislead or lead you in the wrong direction and today, not only will I be debunking those myths, I will be telling you completely, the truth about blogging. Here are some myths about blogging and the truth to them. Let’s get straight into it!

The Truth About Blogging

1) Blogging is a make money quickly solution (A myth)

Oh how wrong you are to think blogging is a get rich quickly thing. Before I started blogging, I saw a lot of “Make money in one month from blogging” and mind you, we aren’t talking small currencies here but thousands of dollars but when I got into blogging, I realized that it was so much more than I thought it was and there are really slim chances of making any money in your 1st month of blogging not to talk of thousands of dollars.

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2) Blogging does not require learning (A myth)

Oh boy! This is so wrong. Bloggers learn everyday and no matter how long someone has been blogging for, they still won’t know everything. Blogging requires a lot of learning. You learn and keep learning. Ever since I started blogging, I have learnt a lot of things. I have learnt about SEO, Pinterest, there’s a whole lot and I’m still learning. Sometimes, it gets tiring but if you wanna gain something you have to give so if you are the type of person that’s not ready to learn new things, blogging might not be the thing for you.

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3) Blogging is easy and does not require hard work (A myth)

Firstly, blogging is hard work. It is not easy. It requires time, commitment and effort like that of normal office jobs. Can I shock you with the fact that I spend hours of my day everyday on my laptop trying to do one thing or the other from writing blog posts to optimizing for SEO, fixing broken links and the likes. Blogging work never really ends. There’s always something more to do.

4) The stats and numbers are everything (A myth)

This is one widely believed myth that is starting to get debunked. While absolutely anyone would love a good social media follower and blog subscriber count, the stats and numbers aren’t everything. I have seen blogs with thousands of followers on social media and thousands of blog subscribers get low views and little to no comments. While I am not trying to say these bloggers are doing something wrong, I am trying to say large follower and blog subscriber counts doesn’t always mean good engagement. It is better to have a few followers and blog subscribers who visit your website frequently, engage with your content and leave comments than a lot of followers and subscribers who really don’t care about your blog.

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5) Comments don’t matter (A myth)

I keep seeing different debates about whether comments matter or not and I’m gonna give my opinion on that. Comments matter a lot! They are a great way to create more interaction and make your blog feel more social. Also, comments are like validation to your posts. If you put up a post that I loved, that resonated with me or that helped me in one way or the other, I’ll most certainly leave you a comment. There are plenty benefits of enabling comments on your blog. Enabling comments on your blog will help you create space for more interaction. It will help you engage more and make friends with your readers and it will help you grow a stronger community.

6) You need to post everyday (A myth)

So much time, effort, hard work and energy goes into blogging and more often than not, I find myself wondering how some people manage to post every single day! Crazy right?! The “you need to post everyday thing” is a myth that I have seen a couple of times and I’m starting to get sick of it. While I agree that it’s super important to post frequently, I won’t advise any blogger out there to post everyday except they are in a niche that needs to be updated everyday like the news niche.

I have had my blog for 4 months now, I post twice a week and I’m super okay with that. What some bloggers fail to realize is that posting every few days or once or twice a week will help them have more time to write quality articles. If you post every day, there will be a high probability that your posts wouldn’t be of as much quality as they would have been if you took your time to write 1 or 2 posts for every week. Posting every day doesn’t mean your blog is gonna grow overnight so come down to a lower level, see what works for you and your blog and post with reference to what is convenient for you and your blog.

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7) Blogging brings results quickly (A myth)

Patience is a virtue and trust me blogging requires patience. Unlike, what most people think blogging takes time to yield and bring results. I am not trying to scare or frighten you but results don’t happen overnight. You don’t start a blog and get a DA of 99 or get a big paid opportunity the next day. Blogging is a process and that process needs patience. Believe me, there will be times when you’ll be frustrated as hell but do keep in mind that nothing good comes easily and results will come!

8) Write, write, just write and traffic will flow in (A myth)

While it is important to write for your blog, writing is not the only thing that matters and it might throw you off your seat to know that there are so many blogs out there with a ton of content and loads of posts that have no traffic at all. Writing content alone would not skyrocket your traffic. Aside from writing content, you will have to spread your wings, go into SEO, utilize and promote your posts on social media to get a good amount of traffic.

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These are some truths about blogging. What truth about blogging do you feel should be talked about more and which of these truths resonates with you the most?

Thank you so much Sophia for the opportunity to guest post on your blog. I loved writing this post and debunking those myths and discussing the truth about blogging.

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