What I Got For My Birthday – 22nd Birthday Gift Haul!

July 4, 2021

Hey guys! Happy June! This year, I turned 22, and after a lockdown 21st last year, it was nice to celebrate my birthday properly. What I got for my birthday hauls are so popular, and I really do think they help with gift ideas and suggestions. So here we have it – what I got for my birthday. In no way do I want to brag or boast about my gifts (which I really hope you do know) – I just love these types of posts! So here we have it!

* I must add, I am not going to say who bought what – I do love sharing gifts as much as the next person, but it shouldn’t have to disclose financial situations, especially after a year in lockdown.


Apparently, I needed some – who knew? I bought a king-size bed last year and I just have not been able to find a fitted sheet that can fit the bed and my electric blanket and mattress protector. For the first time in ages, I have woken up without half the sheets coming off – an absolute blessing!

cotton bedsheets

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You know those items that you want to buy, but cannot justify it to yourself. For me, it was this bra – I kept putting it off, and now I am so lucky to have received it for my birthday. For reference, it is the
Rosie Silk Ditsy Rose Balcony Bra from M&S and oh my is it the softest thing ever! Very happy indeed.


I pretty much get a bottle of this every year – and I am not complaining. I pretty much tell everyone how I am ranking first on Google for my post on how to use Zoflora in Reed Diffusers – and always have 10+ bottles in the house because I use so flipping much. This is the “Spiced Plum”, and it smells divine, like Christmas mixed with aromatic duck – ah I’m in love!

Pandora Earrings

I lose earrings like it’s money. It has got to the point I buy 10 packs from Primark so there’s no loss when they disappear. However, when the earrings have a case to go back into – I really cannot complain. These studs are GORGEOUS, I swear. These are the perfect blend of sparkly and classy, as yet as beautifully universal. A stunning item to add to my collection.

pandora earrings

GHD Professional Straightener

These are such a staple in the beauty world. You know when you didn’t realise you needed it until you have it? Well for me, that’s the case. We have all heard the stories about GHD’s lasting absolutely forever, and I hope they do because it has made styling my hair so easy! I don’t have to worry about fly-aways, or constantly having to restyle my hair, because quite honestly, 10 minutes with these is all you need!

GHD professional styler

Rituals Body Scrub and Body Cream

I’ll be honest, I bought this for myself. Anyone else done that? I always like to buy myself a little treat, because why not. Rituals is my fave skincare brand, the smells are die for and the quality is second to none. I was running out of “The Ritual of Sakura” Rice Milk and Cherry Blossom scrub, hence why a trip to get some more was due. And let’s be honest, we all need a good body cream – so I picked up “The Ritual of Chado” to try out.

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rituals body scrub

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Armani Bag

Everyone loves a new bag right? I picked this up with some of my birthday money, because I needed a new bag for work. At the minute, my Boyfriends Abercrombie backpack is the only thing that fits my work laptop, which is not ideal. After looking in an endless number of stores, this bag ticked every box. I love the fact that the straps are sturdy (which is rare with bucket type bags) and it is leather lined – such a lovely touch.

Similar Bag Here

armani bag
armani bag inside

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Compact Mirror

We all need a compact right? Well, I didn’t actually own one, but this will come in handy! I have been using my eyeshadow palette – and believe me, Urban Decay palettes are not small. I love that this has been personalised too, such a lovely touch. We all need a compact right? Well, I didn’t actually own one, but this will come in handy! I have been using my eyeshadow palette – and believe me, Urban Decay palettes are not small. I love that this has been personalised too, such a lovely touch.

howson lawson compact mirror

Kurt Geiger Purse

I bought this as a gift over a year ago, and I had the “I wish I had got one for myself” moment. I have the matching bag, so this purse is the perfect add on. I love how it is so thin and not chunky, and can fit lovely in my envelope bags – saves trying to move all of my cards about every time I change up my bag.

kurt geiger purse

kurt geiger purse inside

Digital Scales

This is a funny one, but something I really did need. I have been using my Grandma’s scales for as long as I can remember (she died in 2003 if that tells you how old it is). She bought it for Β£1.79 from Woolworths (rip), so it has definitely become value for money. It might be time to get something a little more reliable though.

digital scales

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Meat Thermometer

I have been looking for one of these for a lifetime. Funny thing is I have been dragging everyone around trying to find one. I love making roast dinners, but I hate cutting the meat to check if it is cooked. At least with this, I can keep the meat in one piece!

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meat thermometer

Tangle Teezer

This has actually never been on my list of things to buy – but I can understand why these are SO raved about. I have seriously knotty hair, and this solves the issue quicker than everything I have tried before. Brushing my hair is no longer a chore and this is so compact, I can just pop it in my bag when travelling. A life-saver!

tangle teezer
tangle teezer

Thomas Sabo Charm

Now, I am not a charm person, but I am thinking that is more of a Pandora charm bracelet thing – I am just not a fan of them, nor will I ever be. Last year I received a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet, and this year, I got a charm to add to it. It is a lovely silver love heart, and I must say, the quaintness and simplicity of it is really charming (mind the pun).

thomas sabo charm

Vanilla Soap

Who doesn’t love soap? Especially when it is in cute packaging. I love how it can scent a gift bag beautifully as well as a lovely touch to decorating the home, especially when guests come round. Love it!

vanilla soap

Dr. Paw Paw Multipurpose Balms

I have seen these so often and never really thought anything of them. Although they are fragrance-free (which I don’t like as much), the finish and pigmentation make up for it. A little goes such a long way because it is so thick. Reminds me of Carmex lip balm – especially when you really have to squeeze to get it out of the tubes. These will last ages, I am sure of it.

dr paw paw

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Timberland Boots

I love Timberlands, and it was about time I got another pair. My old ones were truly well-loved but on their last legs. These Nellie Chukka boots are gorgeous, do not rub or cause blisters and are so light in comparison to my old ones. I usually go for high-rise boots, but always have issues with rubbing, as my ankles are so tiny. These boots are perfect for removing that concern and the perfect solution to the stylish footwear issue.

timberland boots - nellie chukka


This actually came through my letterbox, and what a sweet surprise it was! I adore brownies – and when this turned up I wanted to eat it straight away. It has some classic flavours, and you can choose from a range of brownie and blondie flavours, including:

Mars, Chocolate orange, peanut butter, lotus biscoff, mint aero, snickers, rolo, Crunchie, Cadbury caramel, Jaffa cake and Twix.

Oreo, Mars, Caramac, Chocolate orange, Kinder Bueno, Custard creams, Jammy dodger, Bourbon, lemon meringue and Eton Mess.

whisk and bake brownies

I can’t wait to dig into this!

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