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March 1, 2020

I’m a mommy blogger. I share info with parents about how to take care of eczema in their children. Eczema is an inflammatory skin disease that can’t be cured. Along my journey with it, I’ve learned a lot along the way. 

I’ve learned how serious the skin condition eczema can be and how food plays a big role. I never thought that while I was learning to take care of an eczema baby I would learn so much about food and find myself changing my own diet as well. 

My eczema baby taught me three things:

  • How to Eat with Food Allergies
  • How to Eat with Eczema
  • How to Accept Big Changes in Diet

How to Eat with Food Allergies 

I have drastically changed the way I eat. I was the type of person who said proudly that I eat everything. I would gladly take the meal as the chef intended. Since then my eyes have been opened to the fact that not everyone can eat everything. 

It seems a simple truth, but I never took it seriously before I had my first child. 

Now I often think about the fact that there are people whose eczema gets worse after eating certain foods. I know they can find themselves in the middle of a serious reaction if they stray from a specific diet. 

And that is just from irritants, food allergies are another monster all together. People can actually lose their lives if they eat the wrong thing. 

So here I was this brand new parent to a child who couldn’t be in the same room as a peanut. He was suffering from the eggs, milk, and peanuts I ate as I breastfed. 

Eggs, milk, and peanuts are in everything, so in my mind, he was allergic to everything.

Now I know that’s not exactly true. I’ve learned how to eat meals that don’t have milk or eggs in them and never feel like something is missing.

How to Eat with Eczema 

I found out that there is a connection to eczema and food allergies. There are “chicken or the egg” theories that I could bore you with for hours. However, the fact remains that my child has both eczema and allergies, and eating certain foods was causing severe flare-ups and allergic reactions that I didn’t recognize. 

I have now learned how to eat to avoid eczema flare-ups. You can find lists of foods that are known to be better or worse for eczema, but you have to go on a journey to discover what works best for you with your doctor. 

There are a few ways to start:

  • food journaling
  • elimination diets 
  • seeing an allergist
  • eczema diet
  • vegan diet

I’ve also learned how scary the word vegan is to people. 

How to Accept Big Changes in Diet

When it comes to a vegan diet I never thought I would ever give up meat. But I learned vegan may be the way to go as we tried to avoid milk and eggs. As I researched and attempted to eat safely at restaurants I learned that there is more to being a vegan than animal cruelty. 

There are health reasons and environmental reasons to change your diet. One baby, (now two babies) came into my life and changed the way I look at how my small actions can change the world. 

If you ever want to take a small step to change your diet to anything new, try one meal. It’s easier to make little changes and you’ll make a big difference. 

After all, one little person came into my life and made a big difference. 

Putting it All Together

I don’t have to change, but I’ve learned to adapt because of someone close to me. I can prepare separate meals, but coming together and eating as a family is something I know my boys will appreciate when they are older. 

The bigger lesson is that we can try our best to include others when we can. 

I think back to how many times I didn’t think to consider another person’s food allergies or where my food was coming from. But because I know an eczema baby I have learned to become a better person. And now I am more considerate of other people and the footprint I’m leaving behind in the world. 

Who was the last person that taught you something unexpected?


Lydia Knox is a content creator and freelance writer for hire. As a parent of a child with eczema and food allergies, she has devoted herself to the study of health to better the quality of life for her family. While parenting and health are her favorite subjects much of her writing and business focuses on public relations and digital marketing, specifically social media. You can read more about Lydia on her website (lydiaknox.com) and find parenting help and health information on her blog Eczema Mama (theeczemama.com). 

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